Hello, and welcome!

Hey, it's Harlan here - glad you could stop on by! At this site, you'll find a little more in-depth information about me and my work. Here's the basic info:

I'm a design professional educated at Carnegie Mellon University, currently living in the Greater Boston area, and working as a freelance researcher and designer. Both personally and professionally, my interests include interaction and service design, design strategy, and user research, and I'm keenly interested in making the world a better place through the clever and effective use of design. In addition to my professional work, I have recently taken on a position as an administrator for the Boston Chapter of the Interaction Design Association.

If youre interested in contacting me for full-time or freelance work, you'll probably want to head on over to the Work section, and if you just want to say 'Hi!', by all means, get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!